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For businesses I offer editorials, advertorials, photos for websites and brochures, commercial photography and professional head shots. I also have experience taking picture of theater performances and other events.
For individuals, I love to take individual and family portraits, take pictures of life events, from celebrations to the everyday. 

​My beginning as a photographer started when I took photography classes during summer of 2009 in Manhattan School of Photography where I took Intermediate and Advanced Photography. Since than I never stopped learning online and practicing taking pictures of my family and friends. My knowledge of studio photography dramatically increased since I started design degree in MATC college where I got experience playing with all sorts of light, after which I bought my own lights and have portable studio in my house.


As of Summer of 2017, I started my professional photography freelance career that started from friends requests to take family pictures, portraits, wedding pictures, newborn pictures and photography of different sorts of events.

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